/Walking “Out of the Darkness”

Walking “Out of the Darkness”

Port Huron walks for suicide prevention


by Monica Stiles

Did you know that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and claims more than 38,000 lives annually?

On Sun. Oct. 13, the Out of the Darkness Community, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, (AFSP) held their annual walk in East China Park. The Out of the Darkness Community holds events year around, all over the country.

All proceeds coming from these walks will go towards benefiting the AFSP. The proceeds help researchers find ways to help individual suffering from depression, helps increase national awareness of depression and suicide, and help families cope with the loss of a loved one.

This year’s walk held over 100 participants and according to AFSP’s website, afsp.donordrive.com. Over $6,000 was raised.

Erika Stiles of Yale participated in the walk for the first time this year. They were walking for two uncles and a friend they had lost. Stiles had been fundraising for two weeks before the event and had raised about $250.

“The walk was beautiful. It was peaceful and full of support and love,” said Stiles, “you’re walking with individuals that have been through what you have been or are currently going through.”

“I will definitely be participating again. This is now a foundation that I hold very close to my heart. I only wish I had known about it before,” said Stiles.

Out of the Darkness Community is holding events for suicide prevention throughout the year.

The Michigan events are done for the year, but if interested in participating or donating to the organization you can visit their website to find out information on future events.

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Monica Stiles

Staff Writer