/Thoughts from a smoker

Thoughts from a smoker

The ban may not be so bad after all


Being a 23-year-old SC4 student, I like many other students experience my fair share of stress. Nothing seems to relieve that stress quite like a good long drag off of a cigarette.

Even though that in all reality, cigarette smoking actually increases stress levels.

Too many times I have said “this is my last one,” and too many times I have lied to myself. If I had a nickel for every “last cigarette” that I have had, I would probably have enough money to buy my school books. Or maybe even pay for my tuition.

The reality is that I can go mostly all day without having what I call, a “cancer stick.”

But at the end of the day, when I realize all of the school deadlines I must meet and trying to juggle a social life on top of that, it is all too easy to walk outside a campus building, find a fellow smoker, and ask them to lend me one of their own “cancer sticks.”

The convenience of being able to indulge in my nicotine addiction while on campus leads me to believe that if SC4 were in fact dubbed a “non-smoking” campus, that it would be easier for me to quit the habit that I have been trying to kick for about four years.

This is why I whole heartily support SC4 joining other colleges around the country and adapting a no smoking rule.

Now I understand that since I in fact am a smoker that wanting the ashtrays removed seems hypocritical, but I hate that I smoke.

I hate the taste of the carcinogens on my breathe, the poor blood circulation which leads to numbness in my hands and feet, and wheezing every time I walk up a flight of stairs. But the thing I hate most of all is how easy it is for me to obtain a smoke.

In my experience, it is a lot easier to resist buying a whole pack of cigarettes than to resist asking a friendly smoker on campus to “bum” one of theirs.

So yes, I will admit that in the eyes of other smokers, it seems rather selfish of me to want a non-smoking campus, taking away the right for smokers who have accepted their addiction to smoke.

I also believe that with the use of electronic cigarettes, as well the banning of smoking both within and around the vicinity of most public places, that the number of smokers in the United States can continue to decrease, which could ultimately lead to a happier and healthier nation.

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Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer