/Spending an evening with Shel Silverstien

Spending an evening with Shel Silverstien

Latest production an excellent performance by the SC4 Players


Walking into the SC4 Fine Arts Theater I had only known of Shel Silverstein from his children’s books, I walked out of the theater with a smile and a whole new appreciation for a multi-dimensional man of great talent.

The production included a series of one act plays enthusiastically performed by the SC4 players and presented in a Vaudeville format, similar to the sketch comedy of SNL, with musical interludes of songs Silverstein wrote.

Tom Kephart, artistic director of SC4 Players, suggested in the director’s notes that Silverstein may have been the most interesting man in the world with his versatile accomplishments.

While the whole cast was phenomenal, certain performances stand out as unforgettable.

One such performance was when Justin Rutherford and chorus sang “Cover of the Rolling Stone,” a song made famous by Dr. Hook.

Lizzy George was funny and had excellent facial expressions in her role as Lisa the birthday girl, in “The Best Daddy.”

August Smith’s comedic timing was impeccable in his performance of the song; “Never Bite a Married Woman on The Thigh.” He seemed to channel the voice of one the Beatles.

“Wash and Dry” performed by Elizabeth Wentzel and Robert Kroll was the most outrageously shocking and funny act all night. At times I actually laughed then looked to make sure that the crowd found it acceptable to do so, due to the explicitly mature humor.

Katie Weatherly flawlessly recited the poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out!” This poem is a tangled tongue twister to read, let alone recite from memory.

An evening with Shel Silverstein was hilarious and everything that I didn’t expect.

Reachelle Kocis

Staff Writer


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