/SC4 President to perform at Lynch’s to raise money for the SC4 arts

SC4 President to perform at Lynch’s to raise money for the SC4 arts

Folks gathered at Lynch’s to listen to the show. by Liz Whittemore

SC4 President Dr. Kevin Pollock will be doing his second acoustic performance at Lynch’s Irish Tavern Thurs. Oct. 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to raise money for SC4’s Friends of the Arts.

“I volunteered for this one. And the last one,” said Pollock, “I only thought I’d have to do it once, but now I’m going to do it again.”

Lynch’s Irish Tavern, located on Huron Avenue in Port Huron, will be hosting the fundraiser with the SC4 Foundation. There will not be a cover charge though donations are encouraged.

SC4’s Friends of the Arts is a group consisting of community members, businesses, and SC4 faculty and staff that support theatre, music, creative writing, and the visual arts at SC4.

“We want to offer a real diverse nature of offerings for the community to go to,” said Pollock, “we just started this program and we’ve already raised about $40,000, $34,000 of which is in scholarships.”

Pollock front
by Liz Whittemore

In Feb. 2013 Pollock sang and played the acoustic guitar at Lynch’s to raise money to expand SC4’s Natural Science Museum.  According to David Goetze, director of college advancement, foundation, and alumni relations at SC4 the event raised a total of $5,170, well over the targeted $3,000.

“I felt very honored and overwhelmed by how many people showed up the last time I did this,” said Pollock, “there was an hour wait to get in.”

The money raised at the performance will go toward the art programs and events or to student scholarships, according to Pollock.

“I actually have to practice. I think I’ve played twice since the last fundraiser,” said Pollock laughing,    “it just comes back, it’ll be fine. I’ll be singing mostly bar sing-along, have-fun stuff. The idea is for everyone to enjoy themselves.”

Donations can be made at sc4.edu/donate.  For more information call Lynch’s at (810) 824-4021 or (810) 989-5760 for SC4’s College Advancement Office.

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Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor