//Not So Scary, Not So Normal

Not So Scary, Not So Normal

GSA to host showing of the film “Scary Normal”

  scarynormalOn Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building, Sc4’s Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) invites you out to a “Not So Scary, Not So Normal” evening. We’re call on the sometimes quirky, shy, outgoing or socially awkward members of society to join us by watching a film about the times we wish we could be normal.      

This film is a growing pains comedy about a young high school student named Chelsea who tries to fit into one world while running away from another, her friend Danielle, an out lesbian that has been disowned from her family, and Chelsea’s father, a horror film movie producer. There is a lot to learn about loving oneself and acceptance of all, no matter the differences.

Writer and director Jennifer Bechtel was inspired by a local GSA, and put this all together with the intention to bring visibility of strong Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transsexual Queer (LGBTQ) characters to film.

Keep in mind, this film is not some cheesy mainstream movie about a community we seldom see represented. It is about you, the underdogs, the kids who come from a world that sometimes accepts you, and sometimes doesn’t.

Amber Oile

Guest writer: GSA president