/In Defense of Remakes

In Defense of Remakes

An argument for breathing new life into Hollywood classics


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Movie remakes are all the rage lately; it seems Hollywood may be out of ideas. From “Nightmare on Elm Street” to “Footloose”, it seems no Hollywood classic is safe.

Which begs the question, are remakes necessarily bad?

Consider Wes Craven’s original “Nightmare on Elm Street.” While horror movie fans will howl that the Craven’s is the best, the only “Nightmare,” the film is dated. Actors who are supposedly to be teenagers are obviously in their mid-twenties. The special effects are cheesy and Freddy is a joke.

Younger audiences who are used to over the top effects and multi-million dollar film budgets will not be very interested.

Remakes rejuvenate a classic story. With this month’s release of “Carrie,” we see another horror film making a return. While the film is not the same as the original, it’s been updated and fits in with the digital age, making the films message clearer.

Granted, some of the upcoming remakes are completely unnecessary.

There are whispers on Internet forums such as www.nextmovie.com, about a possible “American Psycho” remake. It’s hard to imagine someone being able to top Christian Bale’s performance as Patrick Bateman. Also, the film is not that old, having been released just over a decade ago.

Another rumor speculated is a “Scarface” remake. This will agitate every fan who has ever quoted Al Pacino. Pacino gave a spectacular performance as Tony Montana, and, like Bale’s Bateman, I doubt it can be topped, or even matched.

There is one remake that I’m looking forward to: “Godzilla,” which is currently under production at Legendary Pictures. Considering todays special effects, the destruction of a major city by a giant lizard would be very enjoyable to watch.

Remakes aren’t horrible; they’re a necessary part of the movie business, and a way to preserve our favorite stories so they never die.


Alex Olson

Staff Writer


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