/Have no fear, Campus Patrol is here!

Have no fear, Campus Patrol is here!

These emergency phones connect directly to 911, and can be found at various locations around campus. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin.
These emergency phones connect directly to 911, and can be found at various locations around campus. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin.

   It’s winter time. You just ended a long school day and as you exit the building, you notice the freezing cold that takes your breath away. All you can think about is getting into your warm car, and sitting in the driver’s seat with the warm air blasting on your cold rosy cheeks. You insert your key into the car door and attempt to turn it.

Nothing happens.

Your locks are frozen. Luckily you seem to remember the campus patrol phone number, a few minutes after you call them, the “Egg” vehicle rolls up and a campus officer gets out and unfreezes your locks. Thanks the officer, that inviting warm air you’ve been looking forward to is finally putting an end to your discomfort.

Unfortunate events happen. And that is why campus patrol is “always willing to help,” as stated by Cori Krohn, human resources director at SC4.

Other than frozen door locks, a campus patrol officer can assist with a flat tire, a dead battery,   keys locked inside of a student’s car, and assistance to a car that has run out of gas.

Any problems involving the college’s parking lots are included in this as well, if a student’s car was scraped or violated in any way, campus patrol will assist is filling out an accident report.

The variety of services offered by campus patrol doesn’t end at vehicle assistance. If a student feels uncomfortable walking from building to building or to their car, campus patrol will provide an escort to either the student’s next class or to their vehicle.

“They are like customer service,” said Krohn, “campus patrol knows the campus well and can answer any questions students have about the location of a certain building.”

Students should contact campus patrol if they see any suspicious activity, are being panhandled, are involved in a minor accident, or experience a minor injury.

In the event of an emergency, students should locate one of the campus’s blue lighted emergency phones which can be found at various points around campus including the parking lots. The emergency phones are only to be used in the event of a real emergency as they connect directly to 911.

The campus patrol office is located in the college center. It is the first door on the right upon entering the library. This is also where students can locate the lost and found, if they are either searching for a lost item or are turning one in.

Campus PatrolCampus patrol office hours are from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Campus patrol can always be found on campus during any special events such as concerts or plays.

Campus patrol can be reached at: (810) 989-5757.


Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer