/Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style

Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style

Making Halloween a bit more budget friendly


A useful tool for any project. Credit goes to Catarina Mota under Creative Commons Wiki.

Forty dollars for a cat costume? Why not just do it yourself and save some hassle?

Halloween is an expensive holiday, with candy, decorations, and food for that big party, so adding a costume in the mix might push you over your budget.

Staying in budget makes any holiday easier. Halloween costumes, however, are usually expensive and poorly made.

Costumes are usually easy to make and really no skill for the arts is needed. No one will have your costume either.

Do you still want that cat costume? Your local thrift store or Goodwill should always be your starting point.

Rack-Clothing: A rack of homemade clothing. Credit goes to UNIFORM Studio under Creative Commons Wiki.

Thrift stores are famous for having odd things in stock. A black cat costume is in order, so find a black shirt and pant combo. Any style you wish. The more the style fits you, the better.

For a cat, you need ears and a tail. Those can be purchased at a costume shop or dollar store for cheap.

You can always make your own cat ears with a little fabric, a hot glue gun and a head band, but dollar store ones will work.

If scandalous or sexy costumes are what you want, look for a dress to shorten or a mini skirt, corset or a belly shirt.

Don’t be afraid of being creative with the costume. Use accessories and makeup to help make the costume unique.

This can be done for many costumes, ranging from costumes as simple as a bed sheet ghost to ones as specific as Finn the Human. With the thrift store and a little imagination, most any costume can be made.


Jenelle Kalaf

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