/Grand Theft Auto V Online review

Grand Theft Auto V Online review

From server woes to mysterious glitches GTA V online starts off shaky.

Photo used coutesy of Rockstar games.
Photo used coutesy of Rockstar games.


   Grand Theft Auto online launched on Oct. 1 and was instantly too big of an undertaking for Rockstar’s (GTA V’s development company) servers.

It’s what I expected when the numbers of units sold came out after the GTA V launch on Sept. 17, selling over $800 million dollars worth of games its first day alone. The majority of those gamers have access to online content, so the amount of traffic when the online portion launched was just too massive to continue on without a hitch.

The first few days were futile with game sessions timing out and my saved data being corrupted temporarily. When the server began working properly the game-play was fun, and almost as good as I expected. Having the full open world of Los Santos and San Andres to explore with up to sixteen other players online is mind blowing when I think about how big of a gaming accomplishment that really is.

The online mode starts out with a fairly in-depth take on character creation, and instantly goes into a series of tutorial missions, and open world mayhem.

The missions I start to receive at a low level are generic at best, steal a car and deliver it to a location or a street race.  After powering through these banal tasks the missions come in higher quality and supply, along with a bigger cash value on them.

The online mode takes character personality to a new level with the option to have a car of your own as well as buy real estate with in-game money.

Heed my warning: buy car insurance and trust no one in this open world epic. They will steal the car you just spent over $10,000 on, then kill and rob you.

But that is what makes the multiplayer GTA the most fun. Dealing with the online jerks comes just as often as dealing with the good guys and it’s much more satisfying when you find someone you can do a couple missions with and have a good time.

The same can be said about the overall online experience. Sure, it’s having server issues but when this game is working it is one of the best examples of new-age gaming on consoles.

Buy GTA V and play the story-mode, get as much as you can out of the single player and then jump into online game-play.


Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor