/Double Feature: Pontypool

Double Feature: Pontypool

Another Zombie Apocalypse Movie?

   pontypool_xlgDown and out radio jockey Grant Mazzy is not too thrilled to be working in a small town basement radio station on Valentine’s Day. He’s used to big city life, and spilling hard hitting discussion. Pontypool, Ontario was not cutting it.

Queue in the zombies – er, somewhat zombies. This film lends a very unique take on a zombie apocalypse. It’s based off of a novel of similar title, and plays much like Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.”

“Pontypool” was a good psychological horror, and worth the hour and a half watching it. Some dry moments pushed me to obliterate bright, hard candies on my phone, pressing my spine against the part of the couch where your bottom should be. Still, I eventually straightened my posture as it heated. Mystery was evoked as I tried to fumble theories on what exactly was going on.

Perhaps my favorite part of the film was listening to the disc jockey, played by Stephen McHattie, spew off creative off-the-collar talk on his show. I felt like the radio was cranked up and I had a nice cup of morning coffee in my hands.

This is definitely a film to check out if you want something different to watch this October. It will leave you thinking, and it will make you wish such personalities like the late Sonny Elliot were still telling you how the weather is colder than a giraffe wearing scarves.


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