/Club Awareness Day

Club Awareness Day

Each semester, Student Government organizes Club Awareness Day in the Student Center at SC4.  This semester, the event yielded an unusually small amount of participants, students and clubs alike.

To encourage active participation in Club Awareness Day, Student Government offered passports; a piece of paper that students could collect stamps on for every club booth they visited. After receiving at least five stamps, the passports were entered in a raffle to win prizes such as SC4 hats, t-shirts, and lanyards. In addition to the raffle, cotton candy was also handed out.

But despite the raffle, only 45 students turned in passports. A relatively small amount considering that, according to the SC4 website, there are 4,438 students enrolled in the 2013 winter semester. The small turnout may be attributed to the fact that there was little advertisement on the Portal or around campus for the event.

According to SC4 Student Government President Sean Lathrop, two of the clubs did not show up because they were unaware of the event. In addition, three clubs showed up late. These included Radio Club, Zombie Defense Council and the Gay Straight Alliance.

Although they were late, the two GSA representatives still managed to set up a booth a couple hours into the event. Despite their late appearance, they still had 10 students stop by their booth. “We only have five members right now,” said Jessica Johnson, GSA treasurer, “we are currently looking for officers to keep our club going.”

Other clubs aware of Club Awareness Day took advantage of the opportunity to let the students who visited their booths know what they as a club were currently involved in or improving.

The Drama Club used Club Awareness Day to inform students of their new initiative for their club meetings.

“Instead of making it like a business meeting like we have been doing, our new plan is to have fun at the meetings we have,” said Dan Williams, active member of the Drama Club, “we won’t be doing as many shows, but we will be doing improv games in our meetings and we are planning trips to go and see plays around the area.”

Health and Wellness club received the most visitors at their group with 35 students. The ESG followed close behind with 32 visitors, followed by the Drama Club who had 30.


Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer