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Capturing memories

Introducing Katie Weatherly


by Katie Weatherly.

Without any memory exercise, the ability to recall different sorts of information by only focusing on her memory comes innate to Katie Weatherly.

During her young age, Weatherly, would shock her mother mentioning finest details of past happenings. About third grade, Weatherly was taken to the doctor and submitted to some exams, which pointed to the so – called photographic memory.

“It’s really cool” said Weatherly. “I remember a lot of stuff in really great detail and it comes in handy when taking a test.”

BrainFacts.org describes photographic memory in a broader concept: “Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time, the implication for people thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental snapshots and then recall these snapshots without error.” Yet, the website also emphasizes that people’s abilities when remembering things may vary from one person to another.

Weatherly, in particular, presents a peculiar way when remembering events. Weatherly is able to recall her best friend’s outfit, when recalling the first time they met and even teachers’ clothes when recalling a specific lecture in class.

The 19-year-old, Katie Weatherly still remembers her second birthday party details, such as the shape of her cake, her mother’s clothes, and how she thought she got herself in trouble because of something that her cousin said.

The fear of getting herself in trouble seems to conduct some of her behaviors and also trigger most of her memories, including the one that she wishes to forget.

During seventh grade, Weatherly and her friend Jessica decided to ride their bikes throughout a golf course nearby. Jessica took off when a man in a golf cart approached them, leaving Weatherly alone. The man then threatened Weatherly with calling the police.

“He was wearing a white shirt, red tie and dress pants. He showed up in this green golf cart and I was crying. That was scary for me. I don’t like getting in trouble” said Weatherly.

Without any other significant downsides or terrifying memories, Weatherly confesses having such distinct memory contributes to her life extensively. With her artistic abilities, her visual memory plays a central role when memorizing script lines and visualizing images for further drawing.

Passionate for photographs, Weatherly is also involved with theater since she was 7-years-old. Last year she joined the Drama Club of SC4 and debuted in many plays, including “The Mind with The Dirty Man,” directed by Dan Williams.

“She’s an amazing actress, and definitely is prepared with her lines,” said Brandy Standefer, referring to the time that she stage managed the “Biloxi Blues” production, which Katie Weatherly was a part of.

Currently living in St. Clair, Weatherly recently graduated from St. Clair High School. Attending SC4, she plans on transferring her degree to Oakland University and further pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications, “I think I can do many artistic things with that degree,” Weatherly said.

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