/Brains, booze, and undead

Brains, booze, and undead

Zombie pub crawl lurches through Military Street


‘Tis the season for ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and thanks to recent media and pop culture, zombies.

“The dead walk the Earth.” Portrait credit Kristopher Reynolds

On Oct. 12, there was plenty of mindless, foot-dragging, and brain-hungry undead roaming Military Street in Port Huron.

This day marked the fourth annual Port Huron Zombie Crawl, put on by the Blue Water Social Club. Patrons

of the event were urged to put on their best dead guy/girl visages, and roam the bars of downtown. Exposed muscle tissue, missing teeth, sunken eyes, and decaying flesh; much like a vintage horror movie, zombies were in plentiful supply.

The event began around 5 p.m. at which time parents and legal guardians were encouraged to dress the youngsters in zombie makeup to have them parade around downtown until bedtime. At roughly 9 p.m., the adult festivities began, as more and more inebriated undead began to wander around Military Street.

Zombies weren’t the only characters to be found; “The Walking Dead,” “Resident Evil,” and “Evil Dead” cosplayers also made appearances.

Gasoline Gypsy knocks ‘em dead at Lynch’s. Photo Credit Kristopher Reynolds

Unlike most pub crawl events, there was no set itinerary. Patrons wandered bar to bar very much like, well, zombies.

Robert Jones, 23, of Algonac stated, “I mean, I like any kind of pub crawl or just pub in general. Scantily clad girls in undead makeup and alcohol sounds like a good reason to come out to me.”

“The thing that makes this great is that the more drunk I get, the more in character I am,” added Sam Ryckman, 21, of Sandusky.

A Port Huron local who asked to be referred to only as ‘Gunther the Talking Zombie’ had this to say: “Brains! More brains!”

So next year around October, grab your crossbows and shotguns and head to Port Huron, remember to aim for the head, and always mix green herbs with red herbs.


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Kristopher Reynolds

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