//Bourbon Street coming to Port Huron

Bourbon Street coming to Port Huron

A little slice of Bourbon Street is coming to Port Huron, and according to Jeremy Stemen, general manager of the Cajun Gator, it will be opening in a couple of weeks.

The Cajun Gator is inspired by New Orleans’ Bourbon Street and is located right across from the SC4 campus’s main building on Huron Street.

A portion of the design elements were shipped straight from Bourbon Street to create a reproduction of the area right here in Port Huron including a small gator whose home will be located in a tank inside the right entry wall.

Much of the architecture for the restaurant is based on the historical French and Spanish architecture found on the actual Bourbon Street. The outdoor recreation of a streetscape is adorned with bright yellow and orange paint and the patio is paved with brick and includes a fountain.

The Cajun Gator will feature work by local artists and intends to include local artists into the regular functioning of the restaurant. “We wanted to make Port Huron a fun place to be,” Stemen said

Currently the restaurant features work by three artists: Cecil Williams, Cindy Badley and Oscar King. Their work include stained glass panels and a streetscape mural covering the entire entry way.

Stemen explained that he wants to feature local street performers in the courtyard as well as musicians and artists doing caricatures.

The Cajun Gator will be able to seat about 350-400 people in one of four areas, each inspired by a different piece of the culture which will also include a banquet room, two bars, and outdoor seating.

Their menu will feature a wide variety of foods including, burgers, cajun style foods, and creole cuisine.

To keep up with the Cajun Gator like them on Facebook or keep an eye on their website for more news, www.cajungatorcuisine.com.


Emily Mainguy

Copy Editor