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 Baller time!

Pokemon-X-and-Y-cover-artAs of midnight, Oct. 12, the newest installment in the Pokémon franchise was released out into the wild. I was there, with an oddly diverse group of people to snatch it up as soon as it became available.

Pokémon X and Y are now available for the Nintendo 3DS and the 2DS via physical release and digital download in the Nintendo eshop.

The game itself does not stray too far from classic Pokémon games. Like all first party Nintendo games it comes with a high level of polish.

“The new online features looked fantastic, I’ve been trying them out and they are. I think X and Y are the best expansion of the Pokémon series since Gold and Silver,” said SC4 student, Nick Wauters.

This installment of the game is set in the Kalos Region of the Pokémon world. The inspiration for Kalos is France, and the music and architecture of the area carry French themes such as a gym that looks suspiciously like the Eiffel Tower.

X and Y introduced a few new things into the mix. First of which is a new type of Pokémon, fairy types. Fairy Pokémon are a strong against dragon types and weak against steel.

Overall I really enjoyed the game. Here are some aspects that stood out to me:


  • Your trainer avatar is now customizable with different skin tones, hair and clothes. So you can catch Pokémon in style.
  • Gone are the days of pixel art based Pokémon games. In X and Y every Pokémon is lovingly crafted in full polygonal graphics complete with idle and battle animations.
  • There is an excellent mix of Pokémon from all generations. The game has rebalanced stats and attack powers to account for the new type.
  • You now have roller blades! Movement and speed are a lot better in this game.
  • They are doing a lot of cool stuff with friends list and blind trading over wifi.

Nit picking:

  • The Pokémon storage box has the “move” option mysteriously absent. This makes moving Pokémon a hassle.
  • The frame rate on some of the Pokémon battle animation is low on the more complex ones.
  • The game does not take full advantage of the 3D, but you probably will not use that anyway.

If you have any experience with the Pokémon franchise now is a fantastic time to return. It is a highly polished and refined game with lots of little extras to get lost in. I could gush about this game for pages but I think you should drop the $40 and experience it for yourself.


Zack Penzien

Production Editor/Designer


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