/Veterans Unite: New at SC4

Veterans Unite: New at SC4

Clubs: a reoccurring theme here at SC4. Drama Club, Erie Square Gazette, Radio Club, Music Club, Magic the Gathering Club…there’s even a Zombie Defense Council. No matter what it is, more than likely there’s a club for it.

So what about a Veteran’s Club?

Until recently, that is one club that was seemingly absent from the lineup; until Lee Harrison came along.

Harrison is currently President of Alpha-2 Mike November Charlie, a brand new club endeavor here at SC4, usually monikered as simply ‘the Vets Club’ by students and faculty in an effort to save a mouthful. Harrison served eight years collectively in the Marine Corps, beginning July 2003 right after he graduated High School. He was selected to participate in Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, or FAST. FAST is responsible for being first responders to any and all attacks on embassies all over the world, having four hours from the time of notification to reach their destination (hence the acronym). When Harrison decided to retire from the Marines and pursue a degree in Business Management he said, “I was shocked to find there was no club or organization via SC4 for veterans and military personnel”. Harrison decided this needed to changed, and with help formed the new Alpha-2 Mike November Charlie club on campus.

The club is still early in its creation, so meetings, times, and locations are currently flexible and changing. To join, one must be active, retired, or in reserve of any branch of United States military. According to Harrison, the club functions as not only a networking group for these peoples, but as an information source on attaining various benefits and bonuses provided to veterans. It also serves as place to share experiences and provide a coping mechanism for those who have experienced armed combat among other military-centered scenarios.

A little background on the name, Harrison said the idea for the name was proposed after extensive brainstorming: Air Force and Army (Alpha-2), Marines (Mike), Navy (November), and Coast Guard Charlie). Harrison said, “…we wanted something more original than Vets Club”. Alpha, Mike, November, and Charlie are phonetics used by all branches of military personnel.

‘The Vets Club’ plans on organizing Toys for Tots bins around campus this year, as well as doing volunteer work at various soup kitchens to feed the hungry. They are constantly service for more community service and volunteer work. Constantly seeking new membership, if one wishes to join, Alpha-2 Mike November Charlie has a Facebook page and Harrison himself can be contacted at 1-757-291-0717 or via email at usmclee85@yahoo.com.

Kristopher Reynolds
Staff Writer