/The saltiest of bets.

The saltiest of bets.

So, I have lost quite a bit of my precious spare time to a website called Salty Bet. Several of my friends around campus have been yelling at their computer screens in a way I usually equate to sports fans. Usually watching computer controlled fighting games is nothing to write home about but the game itself is the interesting part.

Salty bet is a website that streams computer controlled matches of a fighting game engine called Mugen and lets you bet points on them. It is a fighting game engine that uses user generated characters. So pretty much characters from every fighting game ever are accounted for, including some people made in MS paint and other weird color pallet swaps. The characters are also programmed by the community so there are some pretty faithful recreations. Some characters are ridiculously overpowered and some are just broken.

I keep going back because it’s addicting” said Nicholas Rwauters a student at SC4. “I like seeing what fictional characters will beat up what fictional characters.”

In Mugen, the artificial intelligence running the fighters is not always the best. It’s funny, for reasons I can’t quite explain. It is hilarious to me to see Homer Simpson and Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon run at each other, jump past one another, and punching the opposite wall until time runs out.

What keeps me coming back is the “bets” part. First off you make a free account, and are given 400 salty bucks. Which you bet on which character you think is going to win. Best part is since real money never comes into it you never run out of salty bucks because after you hit zero you get 50 more automatically.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go watch Spiderman beat up Megazord from Power Rangers.


Zack Penzien
Production Editor