/The Mind with the Dirty Man

The Mind with the Dirty Man

Small town leader Wayne Stone played by Justin Rutherford is the head of the local film review board. He and his uptight colleagues: Lucrecia played by Jessica Fye, Dianne played by Lizzy George and Father Jerome played by Christian Michael Jones; live to keep smutty movies out of their small town community. When Stone and his wife Alma’s, played by Kayla Flanagan, son Clayton, played by Patrick Willis, returns to their small town to take over the local movie house to exhibit his x-rated movies, bringing along his wife Divina, played by Katie Weatherly, hilarity ensued.

This play directed by Dan Williams was thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable. I must say that the cast had an amazing sense of connection and chemistry on stage that really made the whole production that much better (if possible). The flow throughout the scenes and the laid back, welcoming vibe you received from the production, cast and crew made anyone of any age feel comfortable. The audience seems to truly be enjoying themselves. There were not many moments during the show where there wasn’t laughter echoing off the surrounding walls. “I enjoyed every bit of the show. The chemistry between the cast was on point and the show was electric. Every cast member seemed enraptured by their role and really seemed to be enjoying their time on stage. I had a great time,” said audience member, Megan Beals. Unfortunately, the production was not shown for one night, but I would highly suggest going to see any future productions put on here at SC4.


Monica Stiles
Staff Writer