/The future of comics in your hand

The future of comics in your hand

Digital comics are a growing industry, and an amazing way to keep up with comics new and old. It is as easy as downloading an app to iPhone, iPad, android, kindle fire, windows 8 or viewing it on their website.

How digital comics work is when you open the app you log into your account and it pulls up two tabs: downloads and store.

The store is where you buy your comics, buying comics is exactly like buying music on iTunes. When purchased, the comics download to your device. The store also keeps a record of your purchases so you can download them again later.

The download menu is where the comics downloaded to your device live. It is where you can view your purchased comics.

The price point for each digital comic is at parody with print comics. Price drops start about 6 months after publishing to $1.99 with frequent 99 cent sales.

Comixology is by far the biggest option; they have comics from marvel, DC Image and other independent publishers. Marvel, DC and Dark Horse all have their own app where you can buy their comics directly from them.

When you buy digital comics they are locked to the app they are bought on so if you don’t have the app you don’t have access to the comics.

With the Avengers and Batman making all the money last year, more people than in a long time are aware and interested in comic books. In the Fort Gratiot area it is hard to get your comics at a brick and mortar store but this is the future, comics have your back.


Zack penzien

Production Editor