//The benefit of clubs

The benefit of clubs

How do clubs help students? That is the question a lot of students ask when looking for and joining clubs. Sarah Finnie, the Student Events Coordinator said, “Clubs are a good way for students to get involved and help out in the community and in the college.”

“…clubs help students relieve stress and are a good way to network,” said Finne. Networking is an essential skill to have when entering or continuing in the workforce. There are a lot of things that can be beneficial in becoming a part of a club such as: learning new skills, developing multiple skill sets and helping to look for employment. An example of a multiple skill set is having the ability to speak multiple languages.

Clubs are also a good way to try new things and maybe find something that sparks one’s interests. Clubs can help build experiences, for example, book clubs can help make a writer a better by exposing the writer to new literature that they may not have read.

Even joining off beat clubs, for example the Zombie Defense Council will show an ability to express individuality and an ability to work in a group environment. The ability to connect with a different group of people can help when working with the public and even help develop leadership skills.

Jessyca Fye 17, sophomore from Port Huron said, “Clubs are positive because of the social aspect and the ability to make new friends.”

A full list of clubs is under the SC4 portal page, fun on campus.

Mairead Warner
Staff Writer