/Scholarships offered through SC4 website

Scholarships offered through SC4 website

It is no secret that college is expensive. But a number of financial awards exist to help students achieve their dream of a higher education.

Upon visiting the SC4‘s website scholarship section, one will first behold a list of scholarships that are offered through SC4 itself. The financial awards offered of course come with minimum requirements. Most call for at least a 2.5 GPA, and many of them require involvement in college sports while others are more geared towards students entering a specific field.

As an example, the Bezenah Memorial Scholarship is only offered to Criminal Justice majors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Despite the specifics of some of the scholarships, it is very likely that almost any student could find one that applies to them.

To apply for the scholarships, a student must set up an account on the site that includes his/her name, address, major, and an uploaded resume. After filling out the required sections, students can either browse the scholarships offered through SC4 or at the top of the page, click on the drop down arrow that says “Opportunities,” and then click on the “External” links.

If a student cannot find a scholarship that applies to them that is offered through SC4, it is in the “External” links that scholarships offered through the federal government can be found.

These scholarships can be found via the link sc4.edu/money.

Angie Stoecklin
Staff Writer