/SC4 seeks mascots

SC4 seeks mascots

In any college sport, each player is important. Whichever sport, whichever role a player plays, all positions are vitally important. Yet there is one position that always seems to be an oversight; a position whose purpose is to fill all the spirits watching and participating with courage, integrity and determination. Currently, SC4 is looking to fill this position.

That position being of course the team mascot.

Tom Kephart is looking for up to four more people to play Skip, the SC4 mascot, and act as Skip’s crew. If interested, Kephart can be contacted via phone at 810-989-5721 or visited during his office hours which are 11am-12pm on Monday and Wednesday, and 1pm-2pm on Tuesday and Thursday. These positions are looking to be filled as soon as possible.

For those interested, Kephart has suggested that all applicants be between 5’9” and 6’2”, and be characters of high energy, dexterity, and endurance due to the weight of the costume. A flamboyant, gesticulated performance is necessary on part of the actor. People skills are also a must, as it is Skip’s job to interact with the public. Kephart further warns that the suit can be quite warm.

Don’t make this fine learning institution leaderless; get out there and put the spirit into SC4!

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer