/SC4 pushing for further success of its students

SC4 pushing for further success of its students

Members of the board, with the exception of James Relken, gathered at the last board of trustees meeting held on Sept. 12. A number of topics were discussed, which included the success of the CL5 and Blue Water Middle College programs, as well as the possibility of a non-smoking campus. An overview of the Michigan Center for Student Success was also talked about.

It was made clear through discussion of the successful CL5 and Blue Water Middle College programs that both were here to stay. Last year, CL5 students earned 1,600 credits, and 77% of them were the first in their family to go to college.

The equally successful Blue Water Middle College program has yielded 2,071 total earned credits by the students in the program. The number of students enrolled has increased dramatically since the program first partnered with SC4 in 2011. Only 87 new students had enrolled through the program in 2011, now the number of new students enrolled is 179. The total number of students (new and returning), has reached 450 for the current semester. “15% of students enrolled in SC4 are a part of one of the high school programs; it looks like it may grow to 20% by next year,” said SC4 President Dr. Kevin Pollock.

The success of the high school programs supports the fact that the college’s main priority is the success of its students which is why SC4 is involved in a program called the Michigan Center for Student Success. According to the executive director of the program Chris Baldwin, the Center’s objective is to work with the staff and faculty of Michigan’s community colleges to ensure success of the students, and that their completion of college will lead them to a successful career in their field of choice. “While the students are the beneficiaries, our work is with the faculty,” said Baldwin. Although most students are unaware of the program, its existence is further proof that SC4 is doing a number of things to help students complete their degree.

The well-being and success of SC4 students has been the main focus of the board which is why the possibility of a non-smoking campus was also addressed. Staff member Melanie Gofton pushed for the non-smoking campus in her argument for the rule to be passed. “Every time I exit a building, there seems to be a cloud of smoke,” said Gofton. Although her point seemed to reach the board, the final decision was pushed to be addressed at the next meeting.

All in all the meeting was centered on doing what is best for the students. “SC4 is in a good place,” Baldwin commented. “They are ahead of the game in that they are doing a number of things to help students succeed.”


Angie Stoecklin
Staff Writer