/Rockstar’s open world epic pushes the envelope, again.

Rockstar’s open world epic pushes the envelope, again.

Rockstar Games takes a newfangled approach on the familiar third-person, crime-driven, action game Grand Theft Auto, with the newest installment, Grand Theft Auto V.

Photo used under a Creative Commons license. Photo credit: Andrew Willard.
Photo used under a Creative Commons license. Photo credit: Andrew Willard.


After playing the game I found that it was truly not like anything I had played before, I couldn’t just sit down for a few minutes and play a mission or two, I had to play for hours on end, play every side mission and activity I could find, I even played a round of golf. Sure G.T.A. has bugs, but the next update will surly mend most of these, and it’s extremely graphic and offensive but when you buy a game named after a felony I think that should be expected.

My verdict is buy it. For $60 I got so many hours out of this game, and on Oct. 1 the online multiplayer capability will be released, opening up endless hours of new experiences and game-play.

All the pieces of a true G.T.A. game are here, the vast open world to explore, the blatant mimicry of American culture, and of course, the power to do almost anything the player wants.

But G.T.A. V builds on the formula established by previous Rockstar Games titles by offering more customization, more storyline to follow and even the game’s own app.

G.T.A. V takes place in the city of Los Santos, Rockstar’s version of Los Angeles, where the story starts to follow three separate protagonists that you can switch to and from at any time in the game, a first for the G.T.A. series. This feature was a home run for the series, bringing added depth to a game already at 20,000 leagues under.

Myself, being used to a single protagonist this change to three separate characters was difficult to comprehend, but the game intertwines the stories between the three very well.

One area where this particular feature shines is bank heists. While committing a heist, I can see the robbery from every angle, do every job that needs to be done and see how each character perceives the act that they are doing.

The game play itself only scratches the surface though, Los Santos is its own world, where you can accept bounty hunting missions, trade stocks in dozens of companies, order cars, boats, or planes online and even have a pet.

Along with the game I downloaded Rockstar’s “iFruit” application on IOS, which accompanies the game through a cloud server. In the app I can customize a car and have it delivered to my in-game garage after a few in-game days, the app offers a way to train one of the character’s dogs as well, in a sort of pocket pet simulator.

Overall, the game succeeds on many levels, and is a rewarding experience that will leave players satisfied with the investment they have made.


Nicholas Wedyke
Managing Editor