/RIPD: An enjoyable and easy watch

RIPD: An enjoyable and easy watch

RIPD” stars Ryan Reynolds as Nick Walker, Jeff Bridges as Roy Pulsipher and Kevin Bacon as Bobby Hayes. “RIPD” is a movie about a detective Nick Walker who was murdered by his partner Bobby Hayes. Ryan Reynolds character ends up going through a portal where he is given the choice between working for the RIPD or face judgment for his crimes in during his lifetime. He chooses the RIPD. RIPD stands for the Rest In Peace Department. “The RIPD are detectives who catch those who are dead known as the Deados and who have escaped judgment, have returned to earth and bring them in for justice,” exclaimed by, Mildred Proctor played by Mary Louise Parker.

When Nick Walker meets his new partner Roy Pulsipher tensions start to rise. “RIPD” provides both a science fiction twist with a bold sense of humor. One of the interesting concepts of “RIPD” is that the identities and physical appearances of Nick Walker and Roy Pulsipher change when living people see them. Even when the dead see them they take on another appearance. For example when a living person sees Nick Walker in the movie while he is a part of the RIPD he takes the appearance of an older, Asian man. In Roy Pulsipher’s case he takes the appearance of a young and attractive woman. Nick Walker, Roy Pulsipher and everyone else at the RIPD are the only ones that can see them in their past life appearance.

RIPD” does a good job with visual effects. One of Nick Walker and Roy Pulsipher’s cases bring out a major event in the plot slowly revealing what the major story is about. The ending was somewhat bitter-sweet. “RIPD” shows what happens when one is given a second choice. Hints are given in the beginning of the movie how the movie is going to go, and how the movie is going to end. The characters have a lot of depth and have reasons for the way that they are. Everything ends up coming together and every character is connected in one way or another. The plot is extremely easy to follow without insulting the viewer’s intelligence.

Mairead Warner

Staff Writer