/Heroes, or maybe zeroes, of cosplay

Heroes, or maybe zeroes, of cosplay



Reality shows usually never call the geek culture to the stage. One has to ask what the geeks are doing with their time anymore. Reading, playing video games and watching anime are some of the few hobbies that geeks enjoy. Oh, they like cosplaying too, but that won’t ever get popular, right?

Heroes of Cosplay” is a reality television show, broadcasted by SyFy, which breaks the norm. It follows a group of competing cosplayers as they create costumes in ridiculously short amounts of time and enter them into contest at conventions around the country. The community had very mixed feelings on cosplay getting this much attention.

Cosplay, for those who do not know, is a combination of the words “costume” and “play.” The whole idea behind it is to create or buy a costume and “play” or act out the character. It is like role playing, but a lot more expansive.

There are people in the world who make a living off of cosplaying. Some do this by making guest appearances to conventions, and some by winning cosplay competitions. This is where our cast of “Heroes of Cosplay”.

Some of the cast members are Yaya Han, international cosplay star, Chloe Dykstra, model and actress, and Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad, founders of Crabcat Industries, a costume fabrication shop. These Heroes create fabulous costume, draw up drama, and somehow always learn their lessons at the end of each competition.

Most would think that cosplayers around the world would be happy their hobby, they spend thousands of dollars and hours on, would make into mainstream television but most started the first episode with a closed mind. After all, they spent time and money on their hobby, so they are a little over protective.

Heroes of Cosplay” is a reality television show, thus, they’re will be drama. There is drama in real life, but most cosplayers try to be civil with one another. It is a community presence, so no one usually tries to hurt one another. Most cosplayers will stress that the hobby is about fun and showing off what you love. As a cosplayer myself, I agree completely.

But what really gets underneath of the skin of all geeks that watch this show, not just cosplayers, is that it makes the community seem cold, which could not be farther from the truth. This did cause a problem for the first episode, but most of the fans calmed down.

As a reality show, it stands to be your average “let’s start fights and talk behind the other girl’s back” type of show. The costumes and craftsmanship is outstanding. The show also has a high production value, so the cheesiness is not as apparent. Nothing too extreme, just another show that will fade off once the run time is up.

Yes, this is an interesting show, and it introduces a subculture most viewers have never heard of, but it also is not a show stopper. If you want to see what the awesome costumes are, a quick Google search will keep you clued in. If you do get into the show, do not expect much out of the whole experience.


Jenelle Kalaf
Staff Writer