/Entering the SC4 Portal

Entering the SC4 Portal

What students need to know about the new website

SC4 unveiled the Portal June 28 of this year. Since then, students and instructors have had to make the transition to a new way to manage their online college accounts.

Following a massive overhaul of the college’s website, sc4.edu, the Portal was created to be the one-stop page for all internal uses for current students and faculty.

Existing separate of sc4.edu, which is now used strictly as a marketing tool for prospective students, the Portal contains essential tools for the student such as financial aid information and class scheduling.

Student’s WAVE accounts and school e-mails have been tied into this new process. Webstudy is also accessible through the Portal, although it still does require a separate login from the user.

The Portal also contains features such as campus announcements, notifications, and a calendar that is used to keep track of classes.

Justin Rutherford, sophomore at SC4, thinks that the Portal is a good idea, but still needs a bit of work.

I get the intent of the college trying to streamline all of this stuff into one place; it just wasn’t implemented very well,” said Rutherford.

Andrea Murphy, also a sophomore, agrees: “I used to be able to get into everything from my Android phone, but now, I can’t access the Portal at all. I get this bizarre list of things that I can’t get around.”

The SC4 Portal is currently not accessible by iOS or Android smartphones. Tablets such as iPads, Nooks, and Kindle’s seem to be able to access the website.

Chris Sebastian, member of the web and Portal design committee, encourages students and faculty to tell the college what they think of the new web design, and has made an e-mail for students to voice any comments or concerns.

We don’t have much feedback right now, so we’re looking to get some of that as the semester goes on. We want to get rid of those roadblocks so you can get what you need to get easily,” said Sebastian.

To comment on the Portal, send your thoughts to portal@sc4.edu.


Erick J. Fredendall