E.S.G. editor featured in Spiral Gallery

Erie Square Gazette Copy Editor Emily Mainguy recently opened her gallery entitled “A Splash of Color” in the SC4 Spiral Gallery at Studio 1219.

Mainguy, a second year student at SC4 was approached about the possibility of opening a gallery featuring her work in photography, drawing and chainmaille at the end of the winter semester.

From an early age Mainguy took an interest in art, being a Girl Scout, Mainguy participated in arts and crafts nearly every meeting, building a foundation for her artistic future.

I grew up doing crafts, and I was always trying to find my medium, so I was trying a little bit of everything” said Mainguy.

Mainguy uses selective color in her photographs to highlight exactly what she deems most important in a photo. The gallery is entitled “A Splash of Color” partly because of the selective color method she uses in which she brings out a single color in an otherwise all black and white photo.

I named [the gallery] because a lot of the photos I do are selective color or black and white so I was like, A Splash of Color, and the room is all white, so I wanted to add a splash of color.” Mainguy explained.

Another medium Mainguy showcases in her gallery is the art of Chainmaille. Chainmaille is made with a series of metal rings that, when linked form a mesh and ultimately a design, piece of jewelry or apparel.

Mainguy first started making chainmaille just before she was approached about having her own gallery opening.

I learned because there was a chainmaille artist at [Studio 1219] and I said that’s cool I’ll take a class, so I did and got hooked on it,” said Mainguy.

A Splash of Color” is open now through September 28 in the Spiral Gallery at Studio 1219.

For more information about Studio 1219 visit Studio1219.com.


Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor

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