/Campus internet not slowed down

Campus internet not slowed down

The rumor that SC4 has intentionally slowed the internet to deter students from downloading content has been BUSTED!

Adam Dickinson, Chief Information Officer at Ellucian, the IT company contracted by SC4, said the only changes made were the SC4 website and an increase in speed.

So why is the internet at school slower if we have increased speed?

Hundreds of students on and off campus are logging in at the same time.

According to Dickinson the busiest times are 10am, noon, 1pm, and 3pm.

The school has a main pipeline that carries 100 megabits from AT&T, a second 100 megabit pipeline from Merit, and a 3 backup line that carries 20 megabits also from Merit.

As to limiting what students download, Ellucian does not throttle anything except for Microsoft updates that have not been tested yet.

The service providers who handle the college’s pipeline can throttle sites like uTorrent and sometimes they do.


Reachelle Kocis

Staff Writer