/All club meeting

All club meeting

The Student Government hosted the All Club meeting on Sept. 5.

The meeting was a chance for all student groups to get together and talk about their goals, funds and plans for the upcoming school year.

Each group presented itself, and brand new this year, Alpha 2 Mike November Charlie (Veterans Group for short) explained a bit about its aims, including ties to the Veterans Association, along with reaching out to every branch of the military. Group leader Lee Harrison spoke about returning soldiers having a hard time connecting with others, this group is for veterans to have a chance to find common ground with those who have had similar experiences.

Coming up Tuesday, Oct. 1, is Club Awareness Day, where each club will have a table or stand around campus to increase student interest in campus clubs. Representatives will be at each table, so feel free to ask questions and get more information.

Also planned is Club Activity Day, (Tuesday, November 19) for club members to engage in some friendly competitions such as dodgeball and basketball. Wednesday, Dec. 4 and Thursday, Dec. 5, are both Stress Breaker days, where each group will have activities designed to relieve the stress of exams.

In addition, the Drama Club revealed that students get in free at shows, provided that you present your Skipper’s One Card. Without ID it will be five dollars for admission.

All in all, 2013 is looking to be an exciting year to join a campus club.


Alex Olson

Staff Writer