/The Host review

The Host review

This Sci-Fi drama can best be described as a sensory saturated, ambiguously existential depiction of what it means to be human in the midst of mass extinction.

The center conflict is an inner personal and confounding one between the two main characters; Melanie Stryder, a rebel survivalist, and her equally dominant counterpart, Wanderer, a wise and elite member of the parasitic alien invasion.

This war, fought for control of mind and body, exemplifies the much larger struggle for survival of self and species alike. Humanity is most honestly defined when enemies become allies, uniting for ulterior motives.

Duality has never been so subtle, yet obviously apparent, as in this addictively engaging epic drama. Twi-Hard fans and critics beware. This book is not your glimmering vampire tween drama. .

My only grievance is that Stephenie Meyer’s heroines have a tendency to be a bit too self- sacrificing. It’s a good thing there happens to be two leading female personalities. Unfortunately, they share the same body.

The book has been made into a major motion picture and is now showing in theaters.

I give it 4/5 stars

Reachelle Kocis

Staff Writer