/The Adventures of Tiffany and Clark

The Adventures of Tiffany and Clark

Tiffany and Clark Higgins are not only SC4 business majors. For the past three years she and her husband have written and illustrated three children’s books, and are currently working on their first chapter book.

Tiffany and Clark Higgins finishing up another day at SC4 before they return home to continue working on their new book. Photo credit: Angela StoecklinFor Tiffany, writing has always been a passion. “I told my mother when I was a little girl that I want to write a book when I grow up.” At the age of 30, she accomplished her dream and published her first book, We‘ve Seen Santa.

Tiffany’s husband Clark provides the illustrations for the books. “When her first story got picked up she was looking into getting an illustrator, but the amount of money she would have to pay for one illustration was enough to make me pick up a pencil again.” It was the first time he had done so since high school. Tiffany added, “It makes it harder in some ways but also much easier because he’ll come to me and I can get more of what I visualize in combination with what he sees.”

After publishing their second book, I Love the Changing Seasons, the two of them were invited to Gardens Elementary School to speak to the students about the writing process. “It was so encouraging,” Tiffany said. “Before that we weren’t sure if we were going to continue writing or not, but they were just so full of hugs and love and were so awesome that it inspired us to continue on.”

And they did. After publishing their third book, Monster Beneath my Bed, Tiffany started writing their first chapter book, Adventures of Bear B. and Stone. After two years of writing the book, whose main characters are based off of the Higgins family dog and cat, it is now sitting on Clark’s desk ready for illustrations. Clark says, “It’s a lot of fun but at times it can be tedious, but when I set down that pencil and I hand it to her and say ‘done!’ It’s a great feeling because I know it’s just a matter of time before there’s a dozen copies sitting on the desk.”

The couple now resides in their hometown of Richmond Michigan with their son and daughter. Their books are available via Amazon.com as well as their Facebook page, “Books by Tiffany A. and Clark L. Higgins.”

Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer