/Panel speaks on dressing for success

Panel speaks on dressing for success

Dressing for the job you want,” is the key to dressing for success.

SC4’s Marketing and Management Club presented the first of their four part “Countdown 2 Career” discussion panels on April 2nd with “Dress for Success.”

The Marketing and Management Club’s goal of this series is to provide students with the needed skills to secure employment and market themselves. The “Dress for Success” seminar taught students how to be confident and look good doing it.

Speakers at the panel table included April Cook, stylist at Oasis Hair Company, Jim Relken, producer at ebw.tv, and Sarah Hayden and Jennifer Crabtree, Men’s Warehouse Managers.

Their goals for the show consisted of presenting proper attire for each professional setting and answering student questions.

First, the panel reminded the audience that how they carry themselves matters even before the interview- application drop off is just as important. April Cook recalled how her past manager would ask her if applicants were polite, professional and how they dressed. Models showed the audience easy business casual styles that would be appropriate for dropping off an application or for an interview. One audience member asked former Port Huron, Michigan mayor and business owner Jim Relken what he looks for in an applicant, to which he stressed the importance of eye contact, maintaining a sense of calm and “taking time to communicate effectively.”

Once you have landed the job, appearances are just as important as first impressions. Casual Friday is the perfect time to dress a little more relaxed than is typical, but it is easy to appear sloppy and unprofessional if you dress too casual.

Some people would come in every Friday wearing pajama jeggings or even bathing suits,” said Cook, to exemplify a situation of underdressing. While underdressing is unprofessional, “It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed,” said Jennifer Crabtree. Upcoming seminars dates are April 15th on Interviewing and April 22nd on resumes. Each of these will be from 4:30 to 600 p.m. in SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre. For more information on these and more events presented by SC4’s Marketing and Management Club, visit sc4.edu/calendar.

Hannah Eppley

Staff Writer