//One small step for man

One small step for man

On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong delivered his famous moon landing speech. Though the program on April 4th, 2013 had little to absolutely nothing to do with space exploration or Neil Armstrong, participants couldn’t help but be reminded of the amazing audio quality of the aforementioned speech.

James Berry demonstrating perseverance and ingenuity. Photo credit: Kristopher ReynoldsAchieving Your Childhood Dreams,” a seminar inspired by a lecture which became a bestselling book by Randy Pausch, was met with a slight opposition of the technological persuasion. Due to an unidentifiable malfunction with the popular social-video networking program Skype, retired SC4 professor David McNash, or “Buz” as he prefers, was unable to present his part of the seminar, titled “Keep the Bar High: Do What is Right,” via live video feed from Florida as he originally intended.

However, keeping with one of the evenings main focuses of perseverance in eyes of antagonism, a reprieve was found through the whim of SC4 Professor James Berry. Using his cell phone, Berry called Buz and had him give his lecture via cell phone-through-microphone, causing some more than humorous audio quality (as well as a likely leg cramp on Berry’s part).

All levity aside, Buz’s message came through “loud and clear,” as one of having higher standards and expectations of one’s self, and about how having a loss of direction doesn’t mean loss of one’s journey in life and success.

James Berry also gave a lecture, which was heavily focused on the journey of life and career, and how no matter how far the story goes, it is not over until it is over, so to speak.

Club officers wait to speak. Photo credit: Kristopher ReynoldsImportant figures from various SC4 student clubs and organizations also came to inform and influence attendants to get involved both on and off campus. Clubs included the Erie Square Gazette, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Marketing and Management Club, Phi Theta Kappa and Student Government.

Matthew Kezel, a SC4 student, said, “Guys like Dave Goetze; once they found out what they wanted to do, they really focused on what they wanted to do. Professor Buz, he didn’t have direction with what he wanted to do. What I got out of this was as long as your journeying for something, don’t make it your final stop. Look at me, I’m 41 years old. I’m going for my 3rd degree. Knowledge is the power towards what you possess.”

An apt quote for the mindset that the evening certainly orated.

One small step for a chapter in life, and one giant leap for the journey those chapters bring.

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer