//Hair of the…lip?

Hair of the…lip?

Muttonchops, goatees, mustaches, chin straps and beards – if one didn’t know any better, Port Huron was invaded by Vikings, Huns, and a variety of iconic facial haired groups.

'Staches giving other 'staches a hand. Photo credit: Kristopher ReynoldsThis was not the case on March 30, during the annual “‘Stache Bash” festival in downtown Port Huron. The event was sponsored by the Blue Water Social Club created by Ryan McInnis. The Block Party began at 7:00 p.m. at Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, and featured complimentary beer, wine, snacks and other refreshments.

Furry-faced fellas and gals (believe it or not) came from all around to compete, socialize and raise money via mustache auctioning for Thin Blue Line and the KidSAKE Foundation.

Thin Blue Line is a charity that helps pay the costs put on families of fallen heroes such as firefighters, police officers, armed forces etc. KidSAKE Foundation teaches kids about the performing arts, and uses art as a platform for conducting a plethora of community services.

Contestant number 13, Steve Miller, when asked what brought him out to the event said, “Why not? It’s an excuse to dress to the max. I’ve been growing my moustache for nine months. I am a supporter of the Thin Blue Line. My father was a firefighter. Awesome moustaches, awesome people, awesome cause. Why not?”

His moustache sported the nickname “Ron.”

Around 9:00 p.m. all contestants, as well as merry-goers, journeyed to Lynch’s Irish Tavern where the voting and auctioning of facial fuzz began. The highest bidder chose to “save or shave” the purchased lip fur. A raffle was also conducted, giving away over $1400 of merchandise donated by local Port Huron businesses. Musical entertainment was provided by Mountain Babies and The Poltroons.

Johhny Roche, proprietor of the Roche Bar, sold his moustache, nicknamed “The Rocheman,” for an amazing $375. According to McInnis, his moustache “was made of adamantium,” as it refused to bow to the shears.

The official after party was held at Fuel Woodfire Grill, with live music from Whistle Stop Revue.

Now, a moment of silence for the great chops and ‘staches that fell for the sake of amazing charity.

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer