/Admission movie review

Admission movie review

Admission is a movie that has an educational and comedic view of the college admission process. It’s a good movie to get a better idea on what and how colleges choose students.

Admission stars Tina Fey as Portia Nathan, a serious and no nonsense college admission consular from Princeton, and Paul Rudd as John Pressman, a free spirited dean and father at an alternative high school. Both characters differ on their opinions of children. Tina fey and Paul Rudd, who are equally talented comedic performers, deliver believable roles

The best part of the movie was Tina Fey’s character’s mother, who was wise and eccentric.

Admission is a movie that has obvious and not so obvious lessons that can be learned. There were also serious and fun parts in the movie. The movie showed that anyone can find out who they are regardless of their age. Opposites attract was another thing that can be brought out in this college comedy.

One of the strongly implemented aspects of the movie is parenting. The film addresses how parents push their kids into being successful, how people use different parenting techniques and how being new to the parenting game can change a person’s life.

Admission is a fun and light-hearted comedy. I strongly recommended Admission for people attending college or for students new to the college admission process. Admission teaches a lot of lessons to people going off to school and how their parents deal with it. Admission shows different perspectives of life, jobs and family.

The movie was full of surprises that made the movie more enjoyable. I liked the movie and thought it was a good take on the admissions process.

Mairead Warner

Staff Writer