/The thing I love is killing me

The thing I love is killing me

Much like every 20 something I grew up with the internet, and I love it. I get most of my information and entertainment from it, and I have a website *Cough* Piratesub.blogspot.com.

Unlike most people in my age bracket I just recently got access to it 24/7 when I got an iphone. Since then I have not done anything artistically fulfilling or productive. My sketch book has slowed to a crawl, and I’ve made no progress on writing my comic.

Before I got the iphone I had an ipod touch, and I loved it. It was a planner, had all my podcasts and I could download news to it to read later. But I still needed to go to a wifi access point, so it was a special trip. Unlike others in my generation I grew up with very limited access. You see, I live out in the country where internet is hard to come by. I didn’t have cable TV till high school so I was left to make my own fun. In my free time I drew comics, painted and partook in other creative endeavors. The absence of TV and internet shaped me.

When I find out I’ll let you know,” said aspiring writer Allison Hischke when I asked her how she deals with the distraction the internet provides. Leaving my electronics at home and going someplace else is about the only thing that works. I’ve tried using it as a reward system; like I can surf if I get something done, but that goes downhill quickly.

The internet is undoubtedly a good thing. You can get any information in a second, talk to people you love and be entertained 24/7 by things that you like. It is by far the most persuasive siren in the fight to be entertained or be entreating. However, the internet it is just another distraction I need to manage, much like video games. I don’t know if other creative people have or have had this problem. It was just an observation that I found interesting. If you need me I’ll be on Reddit.

Zack Penzien

Production Editor