/The state of the “scene”

The state of the “scene”

Spending the last eight years of my life immersed in the ever changing “local” music scene, it troubles me to hear people complain about having “no music scene in Port Huron.”

We’re here, trust us.

From rock to rap, punk to experimental, Port Huron has one of the most involved music scenes I’ve ever encountered. But being involved is often seen as a daunting task for the average music fan. I intend on proving that being an active local music supporter is an easy as clicking “Like,” listening and going to a show.

After a few years in the “scene,” I’m less worried about the success of a band and more interested in letting more people hear more of my music, or music from other bands around the city and state; I know others think the same way.

Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud have become huge sources for local artists to network and connect directly with the fans. Just going onto a bands profile and listening to the music is great, and to someone like me who is so heavily involved in the scene, if you take time out of your day to listen to my music, that is an honor.

These sites also allow for the buying of said music. Most bands will allow you to pay what you want for a CD or download of their music; this could be one cent or twenty dollars. Pay what you want.

Now if listening to and buying music leads to a local music addiction, one can always attend local shows. Local shows are often put on by a band or an avid local music fan, so all the proceeds go directly to keeping the scene alive. Plus, the best reward for a local artist’s music isn’t money; it’s playing to the fans live.

I am only one person, but some of the best bands I’ve ever heard came out of small scenes just like Port Huron’s, and if everyone just takes a chance on some local music, this scene can really be put on the map.

Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor