/Sophmore’s last stand

Sophmore’s last stand

Coach Mike Groulx and Coach Dale Vos honored their second year students with this season’s last home game against the Schoolcraft Ocelots.

The recognition ceremony might have given the teams the boost they needed as the Lady Skippers won 97 to 60 and the men 90 to 74. The women took the court first with a short bench as Sophomores Cianna Peterson and Teisha Knott sat out for disciplinary reasons. The Ocelots kept the game close into halftime with the score 44 to 33.

We slowed down a lot and need to pick up the pace,” said Assistant Coach Lucretia Bowerman of the SC4 women at the half. “(Brianna Berberet) is the one that is hurting us. We need to make sure she doesn’t make any more shots.”

Skippers seemed to of did just that as the ladies pulled ahead with a commanding lead. Freshman Sheyna Deans lead the team in points with 22 and rebounds with 13 boards, while Sophomore Heidi Highstreet picked up 21 points and 11 rebounds. The Lady Skippers had six players reach double digits in points for the team’s victory.

The men’s game ended the night’s festivities with the crowd in a frenzy after a massive dunk by Sophmore Corey McKinney.

It felt amazing to end up a career here like that.” said McKinney.

McKinney was celebrating his 20th birthday with 12 points, three assists and three steals.

They are a good team all away around. You can’t just focus on one,” said Ocelots Coach Randy Henry. The Skippers proved him right with 5 of their sophomore players scoring in double figures including Brendalle Smith (12), Deion Stegall (13) and Austin Shell (14).

Leading the team in scoring was Kem Bradshaw with 22 points and shooting 66% from beyond the 3-point line. Brendalle Smith led the team in rebounds with 10.

The men had one fear from the game as Sophomore Johnnie Mills left the game early with a lower leg injury. The SC4’s sports trainer had no comment at that time.

The Skippers are now looking towards the post-season after a battle with local rival Macomb County Community College.

Sean Lathrop

Staff Writer