//SC4 opens discussion for international programs

SC4 opens discussion for international programs

If you’ve ever been interested in studying abroad, if you’d like to expand your knowledge of a different culture or if you just like foreign cuisine, SC4’s Global Awareness Task Force wants your input.

SC4 held four brainstorming sessions in February to gather ideas for the expansion of its international programming. Open to all faculty, students and interested locals, the sessions’ purpose was to give the GATF a general idea of what people would like an international program to have.

“We want to know what everyone else wants to see,” said International Programs Coordinator.

Lisa Tobiczyk.

Attendees suggested and discussed potential programs such as foreign exchange study, class supplemental travel and cultural food events.

Regarding study abroad, Tobiczyk said that interest tended toward the short-term, with trips lasting a couple weeks and being largely supplemental to classes.

Not only would this be more feasible for busy (and budget-constrained) students, it might be more appealing to anyone with reservations about spending months in a foreign country.

Scott Fernandez, Professor of education and history, believes incorporating international study could have widespread applicability that benefits students in varying fields.

Fernandez has visited to SC4’s sister college in Guatemala, the University of San Carlos, another potential beginning for SC4’s international programs.

A professor from Guatemala will be visiting SC4 the following semester, he said, and the colleges are trying to bring students from USC to SC4.

Currently 11 international students attend SC4. A suggestion during the vision development sessions was that partnership with other colleges in more countries could both bring foreign students in and send SC4 students out.

However, the GATF also wants to find ways to grow the college’s international programs and awareness on campus.

Tobiczyk encouraged students to bring all their ideas to the discussion. “If we can’t take them out of the country, what can we bring to them?” he said.

If you’d like to offer comments or ideas, or find out more, you can contact Lisa Tobiczyk at lmtobiczyk @sc4.edu.

“Globalization impacts all of us in some way, shape or form,” said Jim Jones, Instructor of Criminal Justice. “We have to be very willing to take in and learn how other nations are operating and how peoples of other nations are.”

Rachael Pittiglio

Sports Editor