/SC4 hosts 45th annual Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibit

SC4 hosts 45th annual Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibit

In the month of February, SC4 presented the 45th Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibit which began by featuring art from local elementary schools. This month, the same art exhibit features art from local middle schools and high schools.

Alexa Stanko of Marysville high school pictured with her 3-D crocodile artwork. Photo Credit: Sean Lathrop.  The Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibit is, as said by Studio 1219’s Art Construction teacher Caroline Catlos, “A really good opportunity for students to present their art to the public.”

An Open House reception for the middle school and high school art work took place on March 7th in the Fine Arts Building on the SC4 Campus. In the month of February, the exhibit featured art from 24 local elementary schools.

“We have about another 24 schools for this high school portion, so about 900 pieces,” said Karen Jezewski, organizer for the Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibit and Secretary of Visual and Performing Arts at SC4.

The exhibit also offers opportunities for St. Clair County students who are home schooled. The exhibit showed art from Riverview East School in St. Clair for the first time ever, thus offering opportunities for a greater range of students.

Different schools submitted different kinds of work. At Yale, students were to design podiums. Yale high school art teacher Allissa Nicol explained, “The idea is for the students to design a podium around what the teacher wants, then design a caricature for the podium.”

“It is important for students to see what their peers and other schools are doing, and to draw inspiration from others,” said Studio 1219 artist Jason Stier.

Thanks to the Beatrice Thornton art exhibit, young artists have the opportunity to have their art displayed along with the other 900 creative pieces, and encourage students to hold onto and harness their creativity. Self-employed artist Caroline Catlos said, “It is an important precursor to becoming a professional artist.”

Interviews taken by Sean Lathrop.

Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer