/One choice to satisfy the rest of your life

One choice to satisfy the rest of your life

Imagine that before you’re even old enough to attend college, you’re required to make a decision that will determine everything you can eat, wear, say, do or think for the rest of your lives. Sounds bleak.

Divergent was the book that truly made me stop over-thinking whether a Kindle was a worthwhile purchase. 576 pages of print melted away well within the confines of standard business days. Immediately following, the sequel was in my possession. One who is a fan of young adult novels will truly enjoy this one.

Our Heroine Beatrice Prior is a member of the Abnegation Faction, one of five Factions that futuristic Chicago’s population is divided into. Members of Abnegation are self-sacrificing and self-deprecating to a fault, so much so they are not allowed to look in mirrors, among many other ways of denying themselves. Different factions value different things, and you are required by threat of becoming homeless to follow. One faction believes that “white lies” should be used often, as hurting feelings is a big faux pas.

Beatrice, though, is torn between her choices. In this society that’s abnormal. Everything is black and white. Beatrice is a Divergent: a word only spoken in hushed voices.

Divergent read pretty easily, and there were moments where you could tell the author was quite young. Some of her character development and writing was tangled in places, but the story was still a great read.

This book can be looked at as a point of inspiration; Veronica Roth is only 24 and she’s a published author. I’m anxious to see where her writing career takes her.

As of this month, filming for the movie adaptation is beginning. Is this book going to be the next teenager go to? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Regardless, I very much enjoyed the book and would recommend it to young adults who enjoyed both classic and modern dystopians.

Rebecca Kelly

Web Master