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Very prevalent in almost any zombie universe is that everyone you know and love is dead. The population is reduced to a few embittered, nearly broken shambles of survivors. No cell phones, internet, electricity (save for those with a generator) and generally your toilet is a hole in the ground. Everything is a fight and you can’t help but sympathize with the hopelessness.

Different than many popular living dead incarnations, Feed features a zombie apocalypse that only killed a quarter of the population during what is known as “The Rising”. From there, mankind gained their foothold and stabilized. Zombies certainly remained a threat, but there were active measures in place to keep them at bay.

Aside from that vexing zombie threat, Feed follows the story of three bloggers who were chosen to follow the 2040 Presidential Election. In this world it was the bloggers who actually watched George Romero films that understood what zombies were – instead of trying to sugar coat the truth like big time reporters.

Based on the fresh concept alone, I wanted to give this five stars. Instead though, I was flooded with horrible paragraph structure. One moment we’re in present tense, and within the same paragraph the author unannounced dives into history. Mira Grant seemed to have skipped that unit in English class.

Although, maybe I was noticing it less or throughout the book she got hold of the reins and eventually her writing flowed better. Maybe the editor just skimmed the first few chapters.

That last star was sacrificed from a money standpoint. This first book was $3.79 for a Kindle copy. To purchase the other two in the trilogy, I would have to shell out another twenty bucks. Not very nice, publishers.

Ultimately, I enjoyed it and I will be reading on in the series. First though, I should finish reading something else on my long reading list. I give it 3 out of five stars.

Rebecca Kelly