/Marriage equality paints Facebook red

Marriage equality paints Facebook red

Facebook has lit up red with supporters of marriage equality showing their support with a single image of the traditional “Human Rights Campaign’s” logo depicted in red being used as profile pictures.

Two men recently married in New York City.  Photo Credit: Jose Anavas, used under a Creative Commons License.The image originally shared by the HRC has caught on recently, as droves of activist protest during the beginning of two major same-sex marriage law hearings outside of the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The HRC is currently the largest lobby group for LGBT rights, and when the organization shared their traditional navy and gold logo with a pink and red twist Monday, the protest started online early.

Actor and LGBT rights activist George Takei shared the HRC’s image on his personal Facebook account with the description “For those friends wondering, this special ‘red’ equality symbol signifies that marriage equality really is all about love. Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for this effort. Please consider changing your profile today in support—esp if you are a straight ally.”   The post had over 40,000 “likes” as of Tuesday morning, according to Mashable.com.

Marriage equality is paramount in a United States civilian’s civil rights, and withholding this right, no matter how moral or immoral it seems to a certain individual or group of individual’s beliefs, is revolting, and to me stamps a large word on these individuals’ forehead – wrong.

Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor