‘Lights, Camera…Mad Bovine?’


Oscar at the Angry Bull. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

Oscar at the Angry Bull. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

Fashion, fun, and glamor…these are things most would enjoy and dream about. The Angry Bull restaurant and bar in Kimball brought just that on Feb. 24 with their 3rd annual Red Carpet Extravaganza, put on by Chapter 800 of the Women’s Life Insurance Society.

According to the Women’s Life Insurance Society mission statement, “Woman’s Life connects women with other women who care, giving women a special place to belong and a close community of friends, with the unparalleled opportunity to make a difference together for the causes important to them.”

Red Carpet at the Angry Bull. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

Red Carpet at the Angry Bull. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

Participants, of which there was roughly 50, were encouraged to wear their brightest jewels and most dapper apparel as they walked down the “Red Carpet” to raise money for the Pink Fund, which helps those with breast cancer by paying up to three months of their expenses. Those who paid to take the walk of fame were treated to dinner in a private room, featuring a variety of drinks, delicacies and desserts.

Sylvia Ludington, President of Chapter 800 of Women’s Life Society, said, “It’s fun with a cause, which is really the best kind of fun. People get to dress up and feel the spotlight, while underneath we raise funds for something great. We put on several fundraisers all year, at least one a month. This event is always fun and entertaining, and always something we look forward to. ”

Members of Chapter 800 were also selling ballots at $5 each that urged people to try to predict the Oscar winners for best picture, best actress, best supporting actress and other categories accordingly. Sylvia Ludington added, “It’s always fun to see whose favorites come out on top. People get to play the role of a critic in a way.”

Outside the Angry Bull. Photo credit: Kristopher Reynolds

For anyone interested in upcoming events and information, the Society can be explored and contacted through their website at www. womenslife.org, or by phone at 1-800-521-9292.

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer

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