/Internships-gateway to job prospects

Internships-gateway to job prospects

According to aol.com online author Lauren Berger, “All college students need to have an internship”.

SC4Media Broadcasting Major Katie Gunn of Capac is one such college student.

According to Gunn, she has a broadcasting internship at cable Channel 6 in Port Huron.

Gunn said she worked for Channel 6 at the March of Dimes Jail and Bail in Port Huron this year. According to Gunn, the experience was priceless.

I’ve learned a lot, but mostly just how different an experience it is filming an all day project, (Jail and bail) especially one that goes on live,” said Gunn. Likewise, Gunn said she has also worked on basketball games and school board reviews as part of her internship.

Ed Senyk, SC4 Communications Media Adjunct Instructor teaches the advanced television production course that Gunn is part of. Senyk also works at Channel 6 where Gunn serves her internship. Senyk believes internships play an important role in a student’s career choice.

According to Senyk, students working internships have the opportunity to work in different areas of the field they are interested in.

You get to look at the good and the bad to be able to decide if this is a career for you,” said Senyk.

According to Wall Street Journal writer Todd Gutner’s 2009 article “Giving internships a post-college try,” both paid and un-paid internship positions have been used as a recruitment tool. According to Gutner’s article, over 70% of graduating college students with internships are offered employment from their internship host.

SC4 English Professor and Erie Square Gazette advisor John Lusk believes continuous internships are the way to go. According to Lusk, students that get jobs as result of internships benefit because they apply whatever is studied. In reference to video or radio careers, Lusk said, “It is natural to go into the field you are interning in.” Likewise, co-op positions offer students opportunity to learn necessary job skills.

According to Iowa State University’s College of Engineering, co-ops not only offer college students professional development opportunities, they can lead to increased employment opportunities after graduation.

For information on job opportunities, SC4 students can visit the SC4 online employment services, or call them at 810-989-5515.

Twana Pinskey

Staff Writer