/Blue Water Music Awards brings musical community together

Blue Water Music Awards brings musical community together

Sure, there was a drunken clown who puked on the red carpet, but that was expected.”

That was the case for David Peters, the lead singer for Mountain Babies, but to everyone else at Lynch’s Irish Tavern, the Blue Water Music Awards (BWMA) was a night of unexpected excitement, friendship and a community coming together to appreciate what founder David Whitt calls the cities greatest commodities—the musicians.

The BWMA was designed to showcase local musicians to the Port Huron community, while showing some appreciation for the artists and their talents and giving them, as put by the award’s Facebook page, an attaboy and some well-deserved recognition.

Local musicians from all around the Port Huron area were selected via ballot to be nominated for the fifteen awards ranging from Most Obscure Cover to a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Many musicians, such as SC4 alumni Alyssa Ferri, who received of the Amateur of the Year Award, expressed pleasant surprise at the turnout.

I felt the turnout was a bit surprising,” Ferri said, “it really is a wonderful thing and hopefully it receives even more support from the community as it does grow.”

According to Whitt, the BWMA is intended to be an annual event.

Next year I see more categories, awards for nominees, as well as trophies for winners.” Whitt explained, “I also see a lot more involvement from the community and the local musicians.”

This means readers can expect to see the BWMA joining the expanding list of events hosted in downtown Port Huron, such as the Blue Water Film Festival and the various pub crawls.

For musicians, this is an opportunity to step up and get ready for the next BWMA. One method of doing this is by getting involved with the open mic nights that are available in the area.

Lynch’s Irish Tavern offers open mic night every Tuesday night starting at 10 p.m. and the Raven Café offers bookings for musicians who are interested in playing.

For fans to get involved, it’s as easy as promoting the local talent, and when the time comes, putting it to a vote.


Erick J. Fredendall

Business/Advertising Editor