//A far cry from paradise

A far cry from paradise

With spring break just around the corner many students are thinking of a tropical paradise far from the chill of winter. That is what Jason Brody was planning on with his troop of friends, but what he got is something that could never have been anticipated. After sky diving to a remote island for a grand finale to their vacation, a battalion of pirates show up and round off their visitors. The island that Jason and his friends landed on is Rook Island, and this is the pirate’s island. Jason narrowly escapes the prison at the cost of his brother’s life. Now Jason has a mission: save his friends from the pirates or die trying.

As you progress through game and learn new skills, so does Jason. For Jason did not come to Rook Island with the knowledge of how shoot a gun or prime C4 explosives; Jason has to learn these skills as he is rescuing his imprisoned companions. The weapons Jason as at his disposal range from flamethrowers to an old school recurve bow that are available to hunt animal and man alike.

For in this lush jungle there is a wide variety of wildlife for you to hunt and use their skins to upgrade your own gear. Don’t expect some of these animals to sit by and let you shoot arrows at them. Komodo dragons and tigers don’t take to kindly to that.

Far Cry 3’s” environment truly breathes life into the game, making it feel as is the breeze flowing through the branches was actually grazing your cheek. The environment itself reflects the tone of the story: dark.

This is not a story of a rising hero coming to save his friends in a glorious struggle choked full of honor; no, that story has been done, redone and a spoof made from it. “Far Cry 3’s” story is just an average guy who has to face the darkness alone in order to save his friends. Jason can’t survive and save his friends by staying in the light. The only way to survive is to embrace darkness.

Taylor McAllister

Staff Writer