/The Front Page of the Internet

The Front Page of the Internet

Photo Credit:  Jeff Keacher, photo used under a creative commons license. Reddit.com is a social news titan, platform for internet freedom and the self-appointed “Front Page of the Internet.”

I, like many other college students who flock to the site daily, came for the cat pictures and a way to waste the day scrolling through what the average “Redditor” considers entertaining.

Reddit is made great by the “Upvote”; a picture, article, or video that is posted can be voted on by other Reddit users which moves the post up or down the numbered pages of the site.

And the sites user base is massive, according to BlueGlass.com “Reddit Boasts more than one billion page views each month,… Reddit has amongst its ranks some of the most active niche communities available online.”

This system and active user base has led to many different outcomes; from making videos “go viral,” to letting users ask celebrities anything, or having users rally around a cause, Reddit could become a majority of people’s main source for social news and entertainment in the near future because Reddit’s content is truly supplied by its users.

At the end of the day I no longer think of visiting Reddit as an excuse to waste time or look at every picture of cats, but as a way to contribute to social change and educate myself on what the entire world is thinking. 


Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor