/Student profile: Bob Farnsworth

Student profile: Bob Farnsworth

Bob Farnsworth is 25 years old, and lives in Port Huron Twp. with his fiancée Jessica. This is Bob’s second semester at SC4.

Remarkably, his decision to start his college career was made at a very difficult time in his life. In May, Bob’s mother had passed away and just six months after, he found out that both of his kidneys had failed. He said, “While I would much rather have a kidney, I have a lot of free time and that’s what pushed me to go back to school.

Bob didn’t give up on life because he got sick. On the contrary, he has taken on a very sizable load. Bob works part time at Game Stop and WSGR, the college radio station, which he enjoys. He is also a member of the Magical Gather Club, and is a reserve member of the Zombie Defense Council (which Jessica says is his sense of humor).
He says, “My sense of humor is how I keep my sanity when things get stressful; it is a big part of who I am”. He credits his positive outlook and strength to his family and friends.

Bob has chronic kidney failure caused by high blood pressure. Currently, he is on dialysis, which filters waste and excess fluid from the blood, like a kidney would.

Dialysis has some side effects. For example, Bob has a difficult time with stairs; he tires easily and he has lifting restrictions.

While dialysis keeps him alive, it isn’t intended for long term. Bob is on the Michigan transplant list, but waiting four to five years for a new kidney is not a viable option. So, his friends and family are having a benefit and the proceeds will go toward getting him on the Wisconsin transplant list that happens to have a wait time of only a year. With a new kidney he will live 15 to 20 more years.

The benefit for Bob will be Friday, Feb. 22 at Blue Water Bowl located on Lapeer. It will begin at 9:30 p.m. and costs $15. There will also be raffles.

Why not come and have some fun while supporting a worthy cause? 

Reachelle Kocis

Staff Writer